Full Sublimation Basketball Jersey vs. Not

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Full Sublimation Jersey vs Not

It has been that for many years, team uniforms are made by putting together different pieces of fabric and designing them through screen printing and heat transfer options. A basic jersey is customized with logos, player numbers and names which has outgrown many amazing players for years. Recently, a new generation of sportswear customization has taken over the market.

Full Sublimation Printing has been practiced by many apparel service providers for the past 2-3 years. It’s the process of dying the entire design directly onto the fabric. It has opened up a whole new world of options for all sports enthusiasts. These days, many customers have at least heard of the sublimation process and understood some of the benefits, but there’s still a lot of mystery out there. Here are some things you might want to know about Full Sublimation:

The only limit is your imagination
Compared to the traditional jersey making procedure through screen printing and heat transfer options where you can only customize player numbers and names, in full sublimation printing, possibilities are limitless. All you need to have is knowledge in editing, designing and preparing your layout, and you are good to go. You are assured that whatever design you have prepared will be the same as what will be printed, for as long as you have a dependable printer too.

Faster Turnaround time
As soon as you already have a design, you just have to make a layout of it using patterns for whatever apparel you desire and print it to a plain white fabric. For traditional jerseys however, it is necessary to cut fabrics in colors and shapes you need to complete the design. Not only that this is time consuming, the results may also vary. Most often than not, designers will have to stick to conventional and easier graphics to get best results.

Finish Product is More Lightweight
It is surely a convenience to be wearing something that is light and comfortable. Full sublimation jerseys is a joy to behold. Since it is made up of just one layer of fabric, it is assured to be lightweight compared to traditional jerseys. Combis are made primarily of layers and assorted cuts of fabric which means more weight but amazing texture.

Better Quality Prints
We have already mentioned that in Sublimation Printing your imagination is the only limit. Depending on the printer you have, it can be assured that whatever designs you wish to achieve can be successfully transfered to the fabric in minutes. This process doesn’t only take the anxiety of thinking whether the design is achievable or not but it also will save you time.

We are in an era where everything is almost always possible. Now that the competition is tight between service providers, everyone is thinking of ways to be on top of the game. Be it Full Sublimation Jerseys or traditional Combis, one thing is for sure: Sportswear is no longer limited to athletes; it has evolved as everyday casual clothing. The question is, are we out of the old and in with the new?


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