3 Ways To Spice Up Your Sundays At Home

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Back when there were no curfews, passes, checkpoints, and social distancing, Sunday was a day that we all looked forward to. It was a day when everyone was absolutely vacant and free to spend their day with family and friends. However, because of the limitations brought about by the quarantine, all the other days have become just like Sunday. Be it a Monday or a Thursday, everyone’s home with nothing to do.

So here’s 3 ways to bring back the sparkle of the seventh day of the week while staying at home this quarantine!

# 1 Clean Together

A house becomes a home because of the people living in it—people who live together who loves and cares for each other. When the home is clean, everyone in the household feels bright and happy. If going to the mall to shop and dine was what gathered the whole family around before the quarantine, try gathering the family around now and assign different areas of the house to different members of the family.

Clean the bedrooms, disinfect the common areas, review your belongings and see if there are stuff that you could give up and donate or throw away. This way, everyone gets to be busy and contribute in keeping your home clean and safe. Perhaps mom’s delicious home-cooked meal could be the reward!

# 2 Catch Up

If it weren’t for the quarantine, you would all be occupied with work and other responsibilities. This quarantine is the perfect opportunity for all of you to check up on one another and bond. There’s nothing more special than being around your loved ones, sharing insights and stories, goals and dreams, or just random thoughts and ideas that come to mind. Aside from bonding with the family, it allows all of you to reconnect with your own selves.

# 3 Try Something New

The best way to spice up your Sunday is by trying to do something the family has never done before. Here’s a really fun and exciting suggestion:

On Sunday, switch roles in the family. Mom and Ate could exchange roles while Dad and Kuya switches too. Or Mom and Dad could switch places and spend Sunday doing each other’s chores. Imagine how funny it would be to spend a day being someone else in the family and getting to realize all your strengths, weaknesses, quirks, and whatnot. Do share and let us know how it goes!

At the end of the day, what matters most is that the whole family is safe and healthy. Let’s all keep ourselves and our homes clean, safe, and strong!


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